Genetic Research Job Opportunities

Genetic research jobs cover a wide field of diverse jobs and varying salaries. This article looks at some of the different jobs in the genetic research field and job descriptions.
• Genetic Counselor – this position requires involvement in client education regarding available testing options as well as clinical aspects and technical aspects if molecular-based assays. A genetic counselor attends national genetics meetings in genetic advancements as guest speaker, exhibitor, and attendee. Qualifications for this position include Master’s degree in genetic counseling, post-graduate genetic counseling or equivalent and ongoing education.
• Clinical Research Associate – position requires monitoring of activities at clinical studies sites in assuring adherence to federal regulations, study protocols, standards of procedures and good clinical practices. Qualifications include BS/BA in scientific or healthcare discipline, understanding of medical terminology, and problem-solving techniques in ever changing environment.
• Research Technician – Cancer Biology and genetics – candidates must assist experienced investigators in the performance of vivo and vitro studies. Candidates must have animal experience, very good molecular biology skills such as in the areas of molecular cloning, protein techniques, RNA, DNA, and tissue culture skills. Performing of cell culture assays and stocks of cell lines. Qualifications are BA/BS as well as research experience, which includes molecular biology. Experience with mice and tissue culture.
• Crop genetics R&D Specialist – this position requires processing of samples and optimizing protocols focuses on sequencing and genotyping technologies. Providing of genotyping and sequence data. Provide support for tracking, sampling and crossing of plants in greenhouse.
• Human Genetics counselor – candidate must provide clinical care, contribute towards clinical genetic research, support clinical laboratory by using basic genetic counseling skills. Job qualifications are master’s degree in genetic counseling or equivalent. Participate in case reports, clinical trials, registry work, recruitment of participants, managing IRB, participating in research committees.

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