The Personal Genome Project

Genetic research has taken a completely new direction with the personal genome project. Researcher put together this privately funded project for genetic advancement. General public volunteers can work together with scientists in sharing personal information and genome sequence with the public as well as researchers. The aim of this program is to better understand environmental and genetic contributions to traits and ailments in humans.
Information gained from volunteers is used to advance knowledge of human origin, human biology, and advancement of medicines. Many individuals may want to know their genome sequence and it is made possible with this program.
The mission of the personal genome project is the development of genome technology with responsibility and improvable benefits with a manageable amount of risk. This program is available to any members of the public and results are made public. Researcher of the personal genome program will:
• Develop the necessary tools for interpreting genomic information and correlate it with the related biological and personal information.
• Develop dialog with government and public bodies who have an interest in genetic research and personal genomics, research industries and communities in relation to social, legal, and ethical issues.
• They will develop technologies in improving accessibility of personal genome sequencing.
• Recruit only individuals who are interested in openly sharing and obtaining their personal genome sequence. Share their related physical and health information and willing to share their experiences with researchers and the public on an ongoing basis.
• Providing of informational and educational resources for overall improvement and understanding the potential of human personal genomics.
• Developing a broad vision in explaining to all interested parties how personal genome knowledge can be used in management and understanding of human health and related issues such as serious diseases.
• Promotion of collaboration and openness from the start of the program in order to gain trust and understanding.

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