Training and Career Opportunities in Genetic Research

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) receives applications online for their fellowship positions. The Institute combined with America Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) offer genetic professionals a variety of assignments which will relate to a scientific policy career. This program is designed for genetic research professionals with advanced degrees and at the start of their new career. Development of genetic health and implementation of genetic health as well as research policies at national level are available to successful applicants. The compensation package is $60 thousand annually plus benefits with a duration of 16 months, for the fellowship.
The John Hopkins University is open to students in several genetic research and genetic advancements programs. Some of the areas covered include:
• Gene therapy
• Retroviral biology and disease roles
• Molecular analysis in chromosomal aberrations
• Cellular differentiation regulation
• Molecular mechanisms in evolutionary divergence
• Molecular pathogenesis and basis of inborn errors
• Molecular regulation in X chromosome activity
• Dosage compensation
• Environment-gene interaction
A student with a Genetics Major has a diverse field of career opportunities such as communication, criminology and agriculture. A career in genetic research covers various fields of wildlife biology, agriculture and science and careers in research can be one of the following:
Veterinary medicine – Will require a bachelor’s degree in biology, genetics, biomedical science and related fields in needed. Popular employment include: medical research facilities, biotechnology companies, animal breeders, universities and more.
Statistical genetics – A statistical geneticist can follow statistics, mathematics, computer science, physics and statistical genetics. A biology undergraduate degree followed by statistic courses at a graduate school is another route to be followed for statistical geneticist’s careers. Employment opportunities include: pharmacogenomics companies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnological companies, epidemiology and biostatistics departments, genomic and genetic health centers and more.
Microbiology – Microbial genetics requires an advanced science degree for decent research opportunities. Career opportunities include diagnostic laboratories, agricultural industry, pharmaceutical companies, universities, medical centers and government agencies.

Recent News

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