US Universities for Masters in Biotechnology

  • University of Wisconsin – Madision – M.S. Biotechnology
  • California State University – Channel Islands – M.S. biotechnology and Bioinformatics, M.S. Biotechnology and MBA Dual Degree
  • University of Maryland University College – M.S. Biotechnology ( No GRE Required)
  • Georgetown University – M.S. Biotechnology, M.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GRE Not Required)
  • Northeastern University – PSM Biotechnology
  • Indiana University School of Medicine – M.S. Biotechnology – GRE Scores Not required
  • John Hopkins University – M.S. Biotechnology/MBA
  • University of Rhode Island – M.S. Clinical Laboratory Science GRE Not Required ( Biotechnology, Cytopathology, Clinical Laboratory Science). M.S., PhD Cell and Molecular Biology tracks (Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics) GRE Required
  • University of Florida – M.S./MBA Biotechnology
  • University of Texas at Dallas – Masters in Biotechnology ( Molecular and Cell Biology )
  • Marywood University – Masters in Biotechnology, PSM program (GRE Not required)
  • University of Central Florida – M.S. Biotechnology – GRE Scores Required
  • Roosevelt University –  is a special health plan for the non US citizens visiting the US. M.S. in Biotechnology and Chemical Science
  • University of the Sciences in Philadelphia – M.S. Cell Biology and Biotechnology – GRE Scores Not Required
  • East Carolina State University – M.S. Cell Biology and Biotechnology – GRE Scores Required
  • Texas Tech University – M.S. biotechnology – GRE 1100+
  • University of Buffalo – State University of New york – Masters in Biotechnology
  • Polytechnic University of New York – M.S. Biotechnology
  • University of Houston at Clear Lake – M.S. biotechnology (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology)

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